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    tree grinding in Edmond

    The large trees with huge trunk and huge foliage are a thing of beauty added to the landscape scenario. But it sometimes causes such a situation that we start thinking of cutting it down.

    If you are seriously thinking about cutting a tree in your surroundings, then first, you need to be sure of some feature in that tree, which will later help you choose the right time for cutting the right tree.

    Often it happens that after a tornado, or some other kind of storm, we decide to cut a fully grown tree, has that tends to fall on ground. If this is the case you are dealing with, and then consider a few points like:

    • On which direction the tree is leaning
    • If there is any huge branch falling off from the trunk
    • If the tree falls, will it damage any of your property
    • Is any other huge tree nearby

    If the situation is decided earlier, then it becomes easier to plan likewise. The professionals companies for tree grinding in Edmond are always just a call away. You can safely get rid of the dangerous falling tree. The people there will also take charge of stump removing and further process.

    Some Myths

    There are some myths among people regarding tree cutting, which we would like to discuss along with their possibility. If and when tree grinding in Edmond is not done by the professional company and is handled by amateur ones, certain situation arises like:

    • Only the upper part is removed cleanly, and the part beneath does not need to be taken care of, as that will not create any problem further.

    Where the reality is, it may again come up with fresh branches and leaves. Else, the stump underground may rot and can be the shelter for termites, which will never be a welcome condition in your garden.

    • Use chemical stuff to fill up the hole.

    It should never be done. The people at tree grinding in Edmond never do that. As we understand, adding chemicals to the surface only makes the process fasts. But in the long run, it will remain as the polluted chemical waste in the ground. So we fill the empty space by the mulch which is created from the root and stump.

    • Use some basic instrument to cut the tree, and not bothering about buying a professional set of machines.

    The professionals at Edmond, always follows a thorough process to cut a tree. Also, they have the set of various instruments that are needed for tree cutting and stump removing.

    Steps to remove a tree:

    • The stump should be first assessed. This is the way to understand the age of the tree, as it is easier to fell the older trees.
    • Grind the tree stump with a heavy duty machine. It is really hard to manually remove the stumps, so better take help of these machineries.
    • The other instruments, like a shovel, a mattock, a chainsaw and a rake will be needed. Arrange for all these things, and then clear the area around the tree stump by the rake from stone.
    • Cut as much possible from the stump, using the chainsaw, the nearer to the ground, the better.
    • Use a hydraulic grinder to create mulch from the left stump. Aft the above part is done, use the grinder to remove at least 4 inches below the ground to completely destroy the stump.
    • Fill the whole with dirt, earth or the mulch that has been created so far.
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