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  • Know The Drought Stress & Tree Health

    droughtTrees represent strength and power to the people who lean on them. However, more than often people forget that even the tower of strength can be affected by malice weather and other related issues. Even trees need care to survive. They need water and other care. Trees frequently suffer from drought stress. The signs of drought stress can be noticed from the outside, though you need to recognize the signs properly.

    Signs of drought stress

    Drought stress can be different in different types of trees. This affects tree health severely. If you don’t identify the damaging signs, you would be soon losing your trees. Remember that the signof drought stress is most visible on the weakest part of the trees – the leaves. The problem begins from the leaves and then gets spread thoroughly over the entire trees.

    It all begins with brown shade. The browning starts at the earliest stage. Wilting leaves is not an uncommon sight either. Leaves get yellow before time when drought stress strikes.

    Scorching is another sign which you need to look out for when you are trying to detect drought stress. The healthy tree leaves would like they have been burned. The needles too exhibit the similar signs. The needles of the trees begin to turn yellow or purple lest drought stress hits them.

    In case the drought lasts for a long time, the tree would begin to produce tiny leaves. They might even begin to drop without any reason. These all are the signs of ill health of trees.


    Issues to Remember

    Drought stress might be dangerous, but, that does not mean the tree is dying. However, it does not mean you should ignore the signs either. The most dangerous thing happens when the trees get weak. Once this happens, the other problems strike the trees easily. Some of these problems might be minor enough for the trees to survive alone. However, combined with drought stress, the trees would not survive this.

    Sometimes trees suffer from hidden issues which don’t come to view until something brings them out. Drought stress usually brings these out in the open. This is the reason, the moment you notice drought stress or suspect that your tree is suffering from the problem, you need to call for help.

    Only experts would be able to assist you in combating these problems. You would need people to diagnose the problem and find solution for you.

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